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There are many good stories from casinos, but the story of the MIT Blackjack Team is a fascinating piece of history to carry. Blackjack Team was born in the classrooms at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute and Technology (MIT) as far back as the 70th century, when some fabulous students came up with an ingenious idea.

They decided to use systems based on statistics to could ravage freely around the blackjack tables, and the consequences was that the young gentlemen later almost attacked casinos in the years that followed!

There had therefore been around a group of students from MIT who had played together since the 80s, but it was only when the group established a legal entity in 1992, Strategic Investments, that it really began to take off.

Do not think there was anyone who had a say in this layer of bright students! The group ran recruitment campaigns in which candidates have to undergo tests - tests that one of the team's most famous members, Mike Aponte, who entered in 1992, explained that nobody did the first time. Those who were selected fit perfectly and were intensively trained in the system that had been developed.

The system was based on card counting, and if this was performed correctly, then this could give the player a small, yet important advantage over the house - games like roulette was pure game of chance and was never appropriate!. The ideas were by no means new, and many had done similar things before, but MIT gang did really exploit this.

But first a little history. JP Maser was one of the original players on the MIT team that attended a short course at the university called 'How To Gamble If You Must', and along with some other dedicated students he helped to form the first MIT Blackjack Team.  This was in 1980 and made went to Atlantic City to try his techniques. An initial investment of $ 5,000 grew within a few weeks to $ 20,000, but after the incredible good beginning players started to lose. Before the year was out, the members of the team discouraged, and made disintegrated.

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