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The legendary Dunes Casino is indeed already long gone, but the memory remains, that at that time the best poker players in Las Vegas met in the entrance area to play there against the inflowing visitors - catch fish would be said today. This prominent location and the inexperience of many poker players in Texas Hold'em gave the already experienced players (Sharks) evenings and wore lucrative at the same time to the fact that Texas Hold'em was socially acceptable.

Although Texas Hold'em already in the late 60s through the Dunes casino in Las Vegas celebrated its first successes, eked out the game for a long time a niche. So attended the first World Series of Poker (SWOOP) in 1970 just 6 charged players participate. Supposedly the best player at that time was named by a vote. It was only in the 80s took the popularity of the SWOOP , and thus also of Texas Hold'em with the introduction of satellite tournaments to be felt. A trend of today up to 8000 players on the tournament results.

Without a doubt, it came only with the spread of Texas Hold'em to the actual boom of online poker. Well-known pioneers, such as Paradise Poker Room and offered with the first option on the internet to play poker for real money. This development heralded a new era in the world of poker. The game of poker has shifted from the casinos more and more on the computer screens of an entire generation of poker fans.

In the early 2000s, online poker has spread like wildfire and all front runners was Texas Hold'em. We at Euro Poker connect tournaments like the SWOOP and the Aussie Millions with the advantages of online poker, for example, by satellite tournaments as a qualification option. What began as a North American phenomenon, since conquered the whole world.

There are a lot of attempts to explain the excitement of Texas Hold'em. It is probably the simplicity of the game, coupled to its strategic depth and the thrill that makes it the first choice of poker players around the world. Even if you can learn it in 5 minutes, it will not hurt if you first in our poker school stop by!

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