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They may include credit card, Pay Pal, bank transfer and many more. Some of these have very high fees and may not be profitable for the casino. In such a situation, the casino will offer you extra money if you use a preferred payment method. You can even get up to 10-15% more money. Always check the cashier section after this before making the deposit.

You simply go to the store and buy a prepaid card and then use the code on the card to make your deposit at the casino. The advantage is that you do not have to publish information either to the store or casino.

Your dream of completely anonymous gambling is met. Kinds of prepaid cards is Ukase and pay safe card . They are available in hundreds of thousands of shops around the world. It is mostly used in Europe, but also exists in America. The only drawback is that you do not have the ability to withdrawals.

As you can see there are two large bonus categories. The first is the deposit bonus, and the second is the bonus no deposit. It is obvious that the deposit bonuses are the greatest. But you can also see that it is possible to double their money if you choose the right casino. bonuses no deposit, however, is rare, and do not pay as well. You will also have to do something to get them. The best example is the previously described "reference bonus".

Per person, there is no huge payment, but if you are good at persuading people can actually earn thousands on this. There are no limits. Now you are quite ready to start playing. Above you will find a list of online casinos that offer the best bonuses available.

Take a look and do not forget to check the latest reviews. They will give you a good picture of the casino and the standard of bonuses and promotions. Bask and play with your free money. If you do some tricks and persevere, you can definitely win big!

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