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E gaming has launched a new way to play casino, combining three different sizes: the web, TV and game modes like in a real live casino. How is this possible. First, do not forget that Wing casino is part of the online casino legal, licensed and regulated by the AIMS, so also with regard to the use of real roulette used for this type of game you have regular certification by state monopolies. And so it was also unveiled a first aspect of this system: the use of a real and concrete roulette, used with or without croupiers.

In fact there are two ways: one with the dealer which can be accessed only in the evening hours, starting at 19. Instead the other mode replaces the croupier with a jet of compressed air that spins the ball and the wheel, to try to keep the longer hours, throughout the day, as it happens for the roulette game online.

Obviously, in order to participate in the live game mode must be duly registered to Wings Casino. In order to participate in a concrete way you have two options, but both only related to the participation of the game on TV, on channel 63 connecting the digital terrestrial television (but also streaming on wing).

Thanks to the possibilities offered by digital interaction can participate in the game, making sure to constantly update the page. Being of a game mode both real and virtual, you can sit at the table 'virtually' only if there are places available, otherwise you have to wait your turn, but you can still attend to the evolution of the game.

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