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A young man sat at another table and explained about his great success as card counting in casinos in Las Vegas and Heaps made immediate interest. He seized the opportunity to say hello to the mysterious man and met for the first time Bill Kaplan. Kaplan's had his own blackjack team that had an incredible success, and that during its first 9 months of life had played out a return of 35 times the initial investment!

Kaplan's team had played several years in Las Vegas as members of the team felt that it was time to dabble in Europe. Kaplan thought it would be too difficult to manage a team in a strange place where different rules applied and the surroundings were different, and he therefore decided to withdraw. Maser invited Kaplan to observe MIT team while they played, which he accepted.

The first Kaplan discovered was that the team did not play the same way, ie that the team used the same strategy, and that they spent time on unnecessary discussions about technique rather than playing blackjack . Kaplan agreed to take over the team as long as the members agreed that it was run as a business, and the games began to take gaming as a job and not a hobby.

He introduced a uniform foretelling strategy and systematic approach around players including using trial periods, observations on casinos and registration of players below. Not everyone was convinced Kaplan's plan, but the team started yet his exploits with $ 89,000 in the bag.

Ten weeks later the amount was doubled. This was the start of a 10 year long success story where Kaplan and Massage constantly recruiting new players, operated as a firm and won millions of dollars. In 1990, made a small decline in morale and Maser found out that it was okay to pull out.

In 1992, however, certain Maser and Kaplan decided to form a new team with Johnny Chang, and the same year it was mentioned Strategic Investments founded as an official partnership. Team started with a million dollars in luggage and was waiting to tear again.

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