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Roulette is said that a very simplified version of the classic and immensely popular casino game roulette and it is Net Entertainment which has made this edition. That there is Simplified means that there are far fewer numbers at work and that there are fewer betting options.

In Mini Roulette The roulette wheel has numbers from 0-12, where 0 is green, as usual. In common European roulette numbers go from 0 to 36 Further in the article we will look at the efforts the possibilities we have when we play Roulette Mini.

Even / Odd is a bet that means you are betting that the ball will stop on either an even (Even) or odd (odd). Such efforts provide a refund of 1:1 if you succeed, which means a net gain corresponding to the size of your bet. The same figures apply to the field that displays a red and a black diamond, and here you are betting on whether the ball will stop on a number that is red or black.

Around the numeric field can also see three fields which are 1-6, 4-9 and 7-12, and puts you a bet in these boxes expends when that ball will land within the respective groups of numbers. The last so-called outside-bet you have the fields where it's 2:02 1 An effort in the field entails betting that the ball will land in one of the numbers in the column above 2 to 1 box.

In addition to all outside bets, one also has a variety of inside bets, ie bets made on the number pad. You can bet on single numbers, or combinations of several. Places for example a coin at the intersection where four numbers meet, expends that the ball will stop on one of these four numbers.

You can also bet on a split by placing a bet on the line that separates two numbers. What then happens is that you win if the ball stops in one of these two numbers. When you've got a simple and quick introduction Roulette Mini, but if you want more detailed descriptions of betting options, we recommend that you stop by our article on European Roulette .

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