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Video Poker

Online video poker is the era of computer and internet more popular: For several years, the number of active online poker players is steadily increasing. Poker, the traditional card game for experiencing a real renaissance.

You can start now, and even play video poker for free. In the following we will explain how to do it.
First you need to insert a bet. When you are finished, press the "deal" button and you get the first 5 cards. All valuable cards are automatically marked and maintained for you, but here you have the chance to come to a decision whether you are satisfied with the proposal, or any other want to swap cards. When you are done with the selection, press again to "deal" and the unwanted cards are replaced by new ones. Now decide whether you have won or lost.

If you win, you are paid according to the poker hand you have and according to the payable of the game. All you need is to just click the "Collect". But you also have the option to double your winnings. You get 5 cards back, but this time are covered. The computer reveals a card at random. From your 5 cards, you must choose only one and if it has a higher value than the card on the computer, your winnings are doubled.

Anyone want to chat poker, you are spoiled for choice: the variety of poker variants are available on many sites for free. Usually one is playing online against the computer. The rules follow here the poker rules from the table. With a mouse click you decide how high you set and what cards you prefer to exchange.

It decides like a real video poker often enough risk-taking, how successful you master the game. The big advantage of online poker: The opponent can not see gestures and glances, so that one does not betray itself by mistake, if you have a good hand.  Especially for beginners it is worth online poker especially: Here you can without any stress, the rules learn to be supported by the software in the first few games and a few tricks of the trade to acquire - then allow them to shine among friends at the next poker round.

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