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To the bingo online play can choose between playing of bingo in the download version or the flash version in most online bingo casinos. The download version you need to upload to your computer while you can play immediately in the Flash version, and also from other computers. The graphics, sound effects are excellent in both versions of the game.

Have you logged in to the Bingo Online Casino and acquired one or more bingo tickets can start the game. If you play 75 ball bingo version you should previously inform is played according to what pattern. This may be the can be painted in horizontal, vertical or diagonal only all the numbers. Have you started the bingo game online, you will find your lottery tickets appears on the screen, now the winning numbers are drawn.

Depending on the bingo casino, these are now automatically painted on your bingo ticket or you have it by clicking on your own ticket mark. Do you have all the numbers can mark glow on your bingo, you have this with the click on bingo button to signal that you've won. In the bingo prize draw, there are no rules how many balls are randomly drawn from the bingo drum, here is long drawn to one of the online players could mark all the numbers on his ticket. In the 75 can give up to 2 winners. Once the bingo player wins who can complete the correct order and sometimes when the game is still continued, and the bingo player can win could mark all fields. In 90 ball bingo, there are, however, three winners. The third Award goes to the bingo players who could complete a row, the two marked in two rows and the jackpot goes to the bingo player who could tick all the bingo numbers on the ticket.

The online bingo is a game of chance and so you can not affect the score here. The numbers in the bingo prize draw will be by a random number generator pulled by a Fair Bingo to ensure game. But even if the numbers are drawn the to be influenced, you can still by the number of bingo tickets that you buy, to improve your chances. Because here applies the more bingo tickets you have in front of you on the screen, the greater the likelihood is that you'll find the winning numbers on any of these bills. The prices for the bingo tickets vary from online casino to online casino, but usually these are in a price range from 0.10 to 1 Euro.

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