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Roulette is gaining in popularity, which is not least that the game offers a great way in a short time and a convenient way to earn a lot of money. Who has not collected so many experiences at the roulette table, but it can quickly fall into a trap and also lose a lot of money at worst. To prevent this from happening, some rules and strategies should be followed. However, since each casino reacts differently to different systems, only small amounts should initially be set up you can be sure which strategy works in the particular casino.

There is probably not a casino that offers no roulette. However, what many people do not know is that there are three different versions. Firstly, there is the French version, which is not so often found in Germany, and on the other there is the version.

The last two versions differ fundamentally from each other in one thing. In the American version has an extra number 00 present, their absence in European roulette. Therefore, it is always advisable to play European roulette tables, since the advantage of the casino is only at 2.7% and not 5.26% as American.

For beginners, it is recommended that initially only the red or the black boxes to be observed and to set the selected color a small amount. In the event that you win the same amount is put into the next round with a loss by increasing the amount doubled. In the short term can thus make a small profit, in the long run, this game hardly worth method because it is the most money won is a couple of euros. Therefore it makes sense to play along just in the rounds in which you can be almost certain that you win and that is when each color is five times in a row did not occur.

For a bigger profit and with a little experience can play in the play roulette Advanced 1:2 boxes as they triple the money if they win. Is played only if one of the fields is 1:2 seven times in a row did not occur. Since the profit is higher can be automatically reduced in this strategy and the inserts. Although the chances of this system are slightly worse than the beginners strategy, since the 2:1 fields are less common, but also from the income falls considerably higher.

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